New age, space saving furniture- The TIO


Rolling a stool, a table and a side table, all in one piece of furniture is what all space starved cafe owners desperately thirst for, and Leigh Ryan an Australian design student from the Monash univerity of Design has done just that and unveiled the very stylish, versatile and functional piece of cafe furniture in the form of TIO.

The TIO concept is a single piece of furniture which has three interconnected parts which can be configured to form three different pieces of furniture – a stool, a table and a side table. The entire setup is constructed with three rotationally moulded glass and polypropylene parts interconnected with aluminum pins. And, all you need to transform this piece of cool kit into different pieces of furniture, is to push the spring loaded buttons and rotate the corresponding piece to make it an all new piece of furniture. Very convenient and very handy.

Though Leigh has mainly focussed on the needs of small cafe owners, there is absolutely no reason for this piece of very functional, space saving furniture to not be a part of the urban, space-starved apartments. The TIO concept, which comes in a range of bright, look-at-me colours can sit just as comfortably in your one room apartment as it can in a neighborhood joint. Sit on it, dine on it and even do some pending work on it, the TIO can take it all and still look very chic and stylish. Though the TIO is still a design concept, it’s sheer practicality and convenience will make sure it sees a commercial launch in the near future.

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