NéoSun 360 degree rotating lounger lets you toast yourself perfectly

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For those who think of the pursuit of beauty as a challenge equivalent of an Olympic event, getting an even tan is perhaps more important that a gold medal at the Games. But since nature is seldom kind enough to let you sun out evenly, desperate measures like fake tans have to be sought ever so often. But a revolutionary new sun lounger plans to change all that forever. Introducing the all new NéoSun rotating lounger. Its creators designer duo Rudi Valloir and Olivier Schindler, took a cue from the ‘Mohammed and the Mountain’ proverb and crafted an intelligent lawn deck that can rotate 360 degrees to offer you the toastiness tan in town. Thanks to a handful of integrated portable rings, you can have yourself the perfect tan with minimum effort. We don’t quite know how much this thing costs just yet but since it is set to be shown at the Concours Lépine 2008, we’re guessing the details will be out very soon!

Source: BornRich/Trends Now

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