Neon Clip light from Gael Horsefall, an innovative concept

lamp by gael
Gael Horsfall has entered the creative industry of contemporary furniture with a dynamic and practical approach, which is what her designs exhibit. Her work is always functional and also, is tended to solve problems. A student of Leeds College of Art and Design, she has also gained a degree in Contemporary furniture and related product designs. Her work often exhibits extensive research and functional development.

This neon clip light is one of her products. If you haven’t got the use of the design by its name, let me explain! The product is tended to serve two functions-one of providing light and the other as clips for your papers. I guess it can be used anywhere, be it in your office or at home but I am not too sure if the light would be enough. I think the piece can only serve as a night lamp. The design is curvy and gorgeous, no wonder, if you end up buying one.

Source: Tendancehightech

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