Nendo’s instant Diamond Chair

diamond chair by nendo
No no, this is not a diamond studded chair. In fact this creation by Tokyo-based Nendo uses the atomic structure of diamonds for its design. How original! Using a form of 3D printing called selective laser sintering (SLS), the two sides of the chair are ‘printed’ and snapped together form the most exquisite ‘instant’ furniture known to man. And that’s not all. The almost transparent chair forms the illusion of breathing and it even quivers in response to human movements which makes it eerily similar to man-devouring ‘alive’ furniture often conceptualized in horror movies. Nendo has been roped in to make installations based on the same structure for automobile brand Lexus which will be displayed at the Museo della Permanente in Milan during the furniture fair next month. Watch out for that wont you!

Source: Serversatoz

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