A concept toilet that helps you physically all the while

toliet user silhouette
A public restroom toilet is commonly perceived as unsanitary and uncomfortable, but this innovative toilet design by designer Nelson Ayala, in collaboration with Ana Maria Gordillo, looks to change the negative perceptions associated with a public restrooms by eliminating the need for intimate physical contact with the toilet. Due to the ergonomic design of the toilet, the user mounts the toilet with knees facing forward avoiding contact between the user’s skin and the toilet. The contact surface between the knee and the toilet is cushioned with foam for extreme comfort. Although the toilet is intended for all users, it may be particularly beneficial for physically challenged users, as they are able to easily glide into the toilet for use. The toilet is made of white enforced ceramic and features a built-in automatic self-cleaning toilet system. It provides a hygienic, comfortable and modern solution for human waste disposal processes.

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[Cheers Nelson]

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