Neighbors’ Place keeps you connected, 24/7

Neighbors place

If your time is spent majorly socializing in the neighborhood park, then you would just love the Neighbors’ place. Being nothing less than a multi faceted glorified area, this is meant for every possible person in the neighborhood to stay connected with each other, for now and forever.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on older ways of staying in touch with each other. No more need to miss out on your favorite shows, stay connected on social networking sites or attend tournaments. You name it and you shall have it.

Providing the Wi-Fi facility, Neighbors’ place is helping people to be connected even when on the move. Connect your portable laptops, phones or other compatible devices and rock away. Access school websites, social networking websites and just about anything when it comes to staying tuned with your favorite online websites.

If you’re an avid extreme adventure sports fan, then you have all the reasons to rejoice. If skateboarding tickles your fancy, and you have the nerves of steel, then skateboard to your destiny. With a unique skateboarding track available, you can have the fun of your life and live to tell it too. Enjoy it with your friends or do it alone, the wish is yours.

Not only is the seating arrangement extremely comfortable, it even allows you to socialize and make new friends, almost everyday. Enjoy reading, chatting with friends and even playing, if required. The board can be used for writing messages for one another, may it be some kind of upcoming events, tournaments for sports fans or any other kind of important information you would like to pass on. In the morning, this board is used as message board while at night, you can enjoy local movies on it. The sound shall obviously be routed through your connected devices.

Socialize with one another, use the place as a lounge for long term sitting or just make do with surfing the net. Almost everything can be done under the sun. Mix around with people, while neighbors become your friends without you realizing it.

For people on the go, you have an option to explore the area in a more organized way. You can search for happening restaurants, eating joints; organize hip hop parties, all thanks to the abundance of space and people.

You name it and like a genie it obeys every command, you can have almost anything you want from the Neighbor’s place. Stay connected, tune in with new people, or simply laze around; do what suits you the best and see how your life changes overnight.

Via: Behance

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