NBS blood box tidies up with smart red face lift!

blood box 8h6ts 5784
Designing a product for something as crucial as carrying and storing blood needs much more than only appearance. Cannot play with it by ignoring any, however trivial, essential features. However James Broad has come off well with the red blood box for the same. Teaming up with Walsgrave hospital, he has given a chic face lift to NBS (National Blood Service) blood box. Intending to overcome the most common dilemmas associated with blood transportation, James has paid attention to every detail meticulously like insulation, temperature/time awareness, durability, visibility, respect. And to top these all, it is designed to be uber user-friendly. Though he hasn’t been much liberal with the details of his work, I doubt if he has failed to keep up with the universal norms of storing and transporting blood.

And since I am on this vital topic of blood, I take the opportunity to tell all that please understand that giving blood is a life-saving act. Please don’t feel nervous about giving blood, as it’s quick, virtually painless and can be arranged at your convenience. In England the National Blood Service (NBS) holds 23,000 sessions a year. You just need to get up and go….to donate and save some needy’s life.

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