Nautic Sleeper for an adventurous mission

nautic sleeper caravan

A caravan on the road is quite a sight. But how about one that will make you cover miles by gliding on the surface of water, aka water camping? Never heard of it? The Nautic Sleeper, a fresh floating model by Ruben Oya, will take you on a ride less imagined.

This structure is designed keeping in mind the needs of people who love to spend time with nature and also sports fans is quite light and compressed. With a space to lodge two people, it has stow compartments that can be effortlessly approached from its exterior.

It can be easily pulled by a car and taken to a spot of your choice. The Nautic Sleeper will take you on an adventurous expedition and quieten your thumping nerves.

caravan 4
caravan 2
nautic sleeper caravan 01

Via: Behance

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