Nappak Sleep Bed: A Cosy Solution for powernapping!

nappak sleep bag

Here is the ultimate solution for a cosy life. It is a magnificent sleep bag, introduced by Nappak. These bags are appropriate for all those people who wan to have a cosy bed that takes no time in arranging or wrapping. This sleep bag occupies a very minimal space, without having any hassle of shifting the furniture. It can be very easily and quickly opened; could be stored in a very slim and round trolley. It can be placed just in any corner of the room. You are right it can be kept in any corner, wherever anyone can hide his/her lover. Joke apart; this particular sleep bag is really a demand for all those who want to own a comfortable night after a hectic day. This bed can be expanded in just few minutes, and is very light weight to place in a position of your choice. It is an absolutely mobile bed. You can just take it anywhere.

The designing has been done with all particular care. The interior part of the bed has been coloured white, in order to reflect a relaxing affect while you go for a deep sleep or a light nap. The outer layer being orange gives it the gorgeous look to it and your private area for resting. So this is the solution to have a cosy sleep to relax your mind and at the same time the most convenient way of handling your bed.

Via: BornRich / Likecool

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