Nanuq Alpine vehicle keeps the environment clean and green

nanuq green alpine vehicle

Vehicles pumped with gasoline add harmful gases to the atmosphere. This is drastically changing the environment and posing a threat to both mankind as well as animals. Keeping the ever-deteriorating surroundings in mind, Jessica Covi has designed Nanuq green Alpine vehicle.

nanuq green alpine vehicle 01

The novel snow vehicle will make the rider enjoy high speeds with all the safety features intact. It comes with a mechanism that displays information digitally to make sure the driver gets all the important notifications. Nanuq has been fitted with an ergonomic seating and steering mechanisms, which provide sharp vision and comfort while driving the vehicle. GPS-systems give apt directions and easy communication in challenging terrains.

nanuq green alpine vehicle 02

Specially designed for the European Mountain Range Alps, Nanuq ranks low on the air and noise pollution graph. With such eco-friendly properties, it will make sure that problems like depleting ozone layer and melting glaciers is also tackled the intelligent way.

Via: Creativednaaustria

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