Nanophea: Robot vacuum cleaner to sparkle your house


Cleaning your house with a hefty vacuum cleaner can act to be quite a painful task. Pulling it all around the house can leave you exhausted, both physically and mentally. Zaier Jihed has come up with an ingenious solution, which will make everyone jump with joy. The designer has crafted a robot that is autonomous in nature and will make domestic floors sparkle like never before. Christened Nanophea, the floor cleaning robot will prove to be a blessing in today’s world.

The outline of Nanophea has fetched heavy inspiration from a lotus leaf. The product has been modeled and rendered on cinema 4D for a flawless result. The autonomous device will clean the area as per a user’s whims and fancies. Simply, switch it on and see it clean your lovely dwelling while you utilize the time for other household chores. Just like a dew drop on a Lotus leaf, Nanophea disperses water drops that trap dust particles.

The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a recharging station that injects necessary power in Nanophea. The charging station has been fitted with infrared sensors that pull the cleaner back when it has almost consumed all the power. So, worries of charging the device take a backseat, thanks to the sensors. Nanophea is a cute device that will fit perfectly in all kind of households. It won’t consume much space and ensure floors remain clean always that too without any effort.

[Cheers Zaier]

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