‘nan15’ bookshelf stretches for a room divider

bookshelve 06
Storage space, especially bookshelves, is possibly the most common factor that makes or mars the decor of your place, be it a workspace or living space. Balancing the size of the storage and the needs of the users, Israeli designer Nitzan Cohen has devised a flexible bookshelf called “nan15” that expands and contracts to meet the storage needs of a variety of users. Produced by the Swiss manufacturer Nanoo, the modular storage is essentially a complete set of small shelves with base and back, which individually forms a small shelf. Presenting an inclined (slightly) base with side walls positioned at right angles on either end, ensuring an optimal position for the books, the flexible bookshelf can also be used as a room divider in a library or a big hall. Finished with 2 mm powder-coated sheet steel, the shelves doesn’t require any tools to add or remove extra modules from the shelves, making it minimal and unfussy for every space.

bookshelve 02
bookshelve 01
bookshelve 03
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Via: DailyTonic

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