MyWay Compact: Foldable electric scooter is cute as well as functional

This cute looking vehicle is the MyWay Compact electric scooter that one can use to commute between short distances. What’s special about the design is the fact that it is the smallest foldable scooter available. The roadster stands at a height of 114 cms and occupies a span of 107 cms. It’s just 35 cms in width. Don’t go looking for a storage space of this size around the house as these are the dimensions of the scooter when it rolls down the road. After being folded, the scooter will measure just 65, 26 and 23 cms along the sides.

myway compact fold up electric scooter

Crafted by the noteworthy industrial designer Nimrod Sapir, this scooter is just the right thing for fleeting commutes around the block. Hitting the supermarket or visiting your neighbor becomes so much easier with this scooter You don’t have to worry about finding a cab anymore and will be able to fetch supplies in a jiffy when you’re short of stock. And just because you’re tired and cannot walk doesn’t mean that you can’t grab a beer and pizza from the deli close by. Also, the compact scooter weighing just 29.76 lbs is a good choice for closed in urban homes.

Sadly, however, MyWay Compact has not hit the production belt yet. But if you like the concept and find it useful, then you can buy the MyWay Quick, which a model designed on the same style. This one is also a $2133 tagged foldable bike weighing 27.12 lbs. Sapir has financed MyWay Quick himself and is currently looking for partners who can fund the manufacturing of his next design, MyWay Compact. The designer would like to associate with partners who can bring some marketing expertise to the collaboration.

Via: Gizmag

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