Mysic lets you to wear the music on your sleeve


If you are one of those music freaks who love to wear music on their sleeves, Puerto Rican designer Tania Puell has popped up friendship bracelets and hooded sweatshirts and jackets under “Mysic” which lets you share music on the go. Compatible with all linked sources and devices, such as PCs, laptops, MP3 players, mobile phones and CDs, together with personal radio stations such as Pandora, online stores and social network music applications like MySpace band pages, Facebook’s iLike and so on, the Mysic allows the user to stream and share music with friends anytime, anywhere. The friendship bracelets integrate a number of buttons for sending and receiving music, and a speaker and digital display to play the received files. While on the other hand, the hooded sweatshirts contain headphones knitted into the hood and a touchscreen woven on the sleeve which displays the title of songs and the name of the sender. The Mysic not only makes music sharing easy and interesting but also helps in curbing piracy.

mysic 01

Via: Bamzoom

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