My Space autonomous vehicle allows safe and brisk commutation in the countryside

my space 01

Both urban and countryside life have their own advantages and drawbacks, while rural areas provides clean and natural environment, in comparison to cities, for healthy living but they lag far behind from urban areas, when it comes to different modes of communication as well as commutation. Conceived by Swedish designer David Gonzalez, the “My Space” is a personal vehicle to provide safe and quick commutation in rural areas. Intended especially toward teenagers, the self-guided autonomous vehicle allows more freedom to young commuters, making them less dependent on their parents.

Essentially powered by an electric engine, the futuristic vehicle features a glass frame incorporated with photovoltaic cells to accumulate solar power during daytime to allow a secondary source of power in emergencies. In short, the My Space becomes your own transportation that allows access to your social surroundings anywhere, anytime.

my space 02
my space 03

Via: Dago

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