Musical Basin makes hand washing a more engrossing affair for kids

Getting the kids to maintain personal hygiene on their own can be very challenging for parents and caretakers. No matter how diligent one is, a bored child will always try to skip having to wash their hands thoroughly since standing at the sink isn’t as interesting for them and parents can’t always keep a close watch over them while they do so. This is what makes the Musical Basin concept by designer Nguyen Anh such an interesting home product.

Musical Basin

The designer studied the hand washing habits of children and found that most of them liked to spend as little time as they could at the sink which contributed to the spread of diseases among them. Since most of these diseases could be prevented by getting the children to simply wash their hands more thoroughly, an interactive basin presented itself as the most viable and simplest solution to the problem.

The basin itself is fashioned to work like a water instruments and produces a pleasant sound as a child uses it. The longer the child uses the basin, the more sound the basin produces. The basins are also fitted with a series of plants that the children are encouraged to water which prompts them to use the basin often and helps keep their hygiene levels up. The Musical Basin is the ideal way to make public washrooms and washrooms in schools more kid friendly.

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