Murillo Network Structure Armchairs made of vegetable fibers, metal wires

murillo armchair

Ok so you want really cool furniture in your living room. But, that you cant bear the thought of all the trees that get chopped down to make it, not to mention all the animals who give up their lives to give you the comfort of leather upholstery? Well, to free you of guilt and to give you the satisfaction of an intriguing design at the same time, Murillo brings you this gorgeous range of armchair, designed with vegetable fibers and metal wires.

murillo armchair

The impressive modernistic design of the armchairs presents an interesting play of light and air into your living room, garden or porch. Of course, you have a range of interesting cushions to choose from, so you can mix and match and change the colors of your armchairs as often as you desire to!

Source: Open Deco

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