Multipurpose tractor bends to meet the needs of different users

tractor concept 01
Usually we don’t expect flexibility and style from existing agricultural machinery, which is fairly square in both design and mechanism. However, adding style and flexibility to the tedious agricultural tasks, the bck design team, comprising Javier Bertani, Ezequiel Castro and Vera Kade, has designed a versatile tractor that seems to take the contemporary agricultural mechanism to the next level. Encompassing two flexible modules, tractor cabin and engine, the “Multipurpose tractor” allows a number of arrangements, including different power possibilities of the engine, together with various options regarding size and equipment of the cabin, which varies according to the needs and price capacity costs of the buyers. And the cabin interior, allowing the rotation of 180 degrees, significantly improves the visibility of the driver in the rear part. Undeniably, the multipurpose tractor, bending to meet the needs of different users, presents a refreshing change in agricultural technology.

tractor concept 02
tractor concept 03
tractor concept 04
tractor concept 05

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