Multipurpose Bin a Nice Incentive for Recycling

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Since the problem of trash littering the streets of cities is being solved, the next problem city managers face is how to encourage recycling. One quick solution has been to combine recycling centers and trash cans, since the main problem is with people trashing instead of recycling. This design combines them and removes the hassle of having to acquire separate units for each function. As far as looks go, these units are sleek-looking, and although their grey color might not look too stylish, it is practical because over time, stains will gradually build up around the body, even with a reasonable amount of regular cleaning, and the grey background will make those stains less conspicuous. The placement of foot pedals should reduce concerns about having to push down on dirty bin covers. One reviewer, however, complained that the foot pedals are too hard to press down and that even when fully depressed, they don’t open the bin covers wide enough to let users slip items through without touching the covers; but I suspect that the designers will correct this flaw after they receive some feedback through users complaints.

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Source: Torontoist, EcoFriend

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