Multifunction desktop device is all-in-one messless concept

multi functions electronic device 02

As modern life is becoming more dependent on technology, we need a number of gadgets to put our work in order, which often leaves no space for leisure at our workspace. If you too are one of those who gathers clutter while working on your workstation, designer David Turpin has come up with a functional gadget that promises to remove the mess from your desk. The multifunctional desktop device by the French designer is an ideal piece for compact work as well as leisure space, which apart from being a clock and a calculator also works as a MP3 player, radio and so on, making your workspace neat and tidy, without hampering your work. You may switch over between different functions by simply pressing on top of the all-in-one device.

multi functions electronic device 01
multi functions electronic device 03

Via: David Turpin

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