Multi Light keeps control of energy and indoor climate in office buildings

multi light

Thinking of installing a control unit in office buildings often ends up rounding to huge expenses. The demand for control of lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation involves many sensors and switches that though make the task easier, but at the same time is expensive too. The Multi Light from Kadabra is the key to the problem that is no less than a magic wand. Just like a magic stick, this light manages the access to lights, ventilation and indoor climate of the entire building from your desk. The interface is simple and clear, and device small and unobtrusive that is easy to install along with the light fixtures, and blend naturally with the office space. Anodized aluminum raises the quality feel of the product. The magic wand is magic indeed that apart from controlling is also cost-effective for developers and technical contractors.

multi light1
multi light2
multi light3
multi light4

Via: Kadabra

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