Muharraq Concept: World’s tallest Arch

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In the Mid East there’s a great rivalry emerging; a desire amongst the various nations to put themselves on to the architectural maps. Add to this list the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is envisaging the world’s tallest arch! The Muharraq Concept Project by Muharaqui Studios visions an amazingly tall arch, built on man-made islands, which would greet the visitors to the city of Manama. The overall project envisages building thirteen islands around the arch that’d allow Manama to expand without encroaching upon the desert to the south. The project is under consideration and if planned and built it would be the tallest arch in world, eclipsing St Louis Arch comfortably. Building an arch seems to be a great way for Bahrain to divert attention away from neighboring Dubai and Kuwait, who are trying to outdo each other by building taller skyscrapers. The arch is envisaged to be built on small islands that’ll house small buildings, curving around the said bases. The color chosen for the arch is a green tinted glazing that’s quite popular in Manama. It is almost a perfect choice since it’d blend in with the surrounding sea. It would do well to remind readers that this concept is only in papers as of now and still awaits the approval of the authorities. But with the ambition and benefits behind such a project its rejection seems to be difficult to see. Bahrain, for all my money, will house the world’s tallest arch, whenever it is built.


Via: Skyscrapernews

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