Mug Up’s unique functionality and appearance inspired from Dyson vacuum cleaners

Coffee makers are everywhere, but there is nothing like Mug-Up that has fetched heavy inspiration from a vacuum cleaner. Designed by Megan Lin, Mug-Up Coffee Maker has a unique appearance that imitates that of Dyson vacuum cleaners. The aesthetically appealing design ranks high on the functionality graph and vows to brew a perfect cup of coffee for you.

Mug-Up coffee  maker

It has been seen in many designs that the machine and the container tend to get a very hot when coffee is prepared. The opening access is not always very easy to use, which makes it difficult to replace/remove the pot. Apart from this, even coffee ground spill into the coffee filter container. Keeping all such troubles in mind, an easy to use and maintain design was formed that has an easy access and ranks high on the performance graph. The base of Mug-Up has a wide open access, which makes it easy to place the mug inside the design and remove it as well. There is an option to put the mug in the base or to put the capsule directly on the top of the mug.

The design comprises of a filter container, water reservoir and water tube. The water temperature can be adjusted as per a user’s whims. The acrylic water reservoir comes with markings, which makes it easy to figure out the exact amount of water present. The capsule shaped design is accompanied by a base that will juice up the appliance and also let you use the traditional drip process. The filter container can be fitted with one or more discs, which will decide the strength of coffee. So, brew your coffee in style and make your mornings all the more special with Mug-Up as you sip a steaming cup.

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