MTI Musikalean brings music to the streets quite literally

Ever since boom boxes were lost to the creed of Walkmans and iPods, listening to music in public has not been the same. The sound and sight of groups hanging around a sound emitting structure in public entertaining passersby with their antics and even dance moves may seem a little strange to someone born in after 1995 but for people who knew the life before that remember and miss the good old days when public music listening wasn’t considered a violation of others’ privacy. The MTI Musikalean is one such initiative that tries to bring public music listening back in vogue in a stylish and contemporary way.

MTI Musikalean & NUDE

The project is also perfect for groups and bands who want to publicize their music in the streets. The design is fashioned to resemble a public sculpture and can be installed in the style of a totem or a monolith that can be put up and managed by the municipal council of the town or the city. This allows the MIT to serve as revenue generating public attraction as well.

With its in-built amplifier, the MIT allows musicians to plug in their musical instruments with the other pieces of street furniture providing a space for audiences to sit on and enjoy the performance. The MIT is also good for A cappella bands that can sing to a seated audience as well as bands that need instruments for their performances.

Source: Kerman Designs

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