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MSi the ‘online’ bus shelter

The MSi is an innovative bus stop shelter that provides real time travel information from an information management system powered with solar energy. The eco friendly urban furniture functions as an information center with Bluetooth, voice message system, graphical display for public announcements, advertisements, bus arrival and departure times. Photovoltaic cells on the roof of the structure provide for ample illumination for night lighting, bus stop identification and backlit advertising boards. The tilted roof top exposes the photovoltaic cells to the public, thereby also acting as an advertisement for popularising use of solar energy.

MSi Bus Stop

The 6 meter long structure has seating arrangements with ischial support, easy detection for the visually impaired and reserved space for wheel chairs. The main feature is however the spacious design with rear access, allowing people to navigate around, while getting into and out of buses in highly crowded areas.The entire framework is easy to set up and maintain and facilitates faster and simpler installation at public places. It is made of a metallic structure and is vandal proof.

The product has been built and constructed by Capmar- a Spanish company that has created the SIS system. The SIS system is an information management system that facilitates integration and distribution of information to bus terminals through any data transmission modes- Wifi, GPRS, Bluetooth, RF etc. Capmar servers receive bus schedules from bus depots, integrate them with advertising and information and then transmit to individual MSi shelters and PSi units. The PSi unit is the early model – a single pole information display center bus stop and a predecessor to the MSi. The centralised information system can be controlled or maintained remotely or in batches. The MSi has been installed in Molins de Rei, Barcelona.

Via: Cargo Collective

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