Move-it delivery strolley is made entirely from recyclable cardboard

One of the biggest challenges that people face when shopping for electronics and items that need to be delivered in boxes is the fact that they are packaged in a way that best safeguards them against damage but provides negligible assistance when it comes to carrying them manually. As a result, most users prefer to have such goods delivered to them which is not only time consuming, but also incurs unwarranted delivery charges that can only be avoided if the buyer decides to deliver the box themselves in case they have a car. Even then, carrying the box out to the parking lot can be quite a hassle and lifting heavy boxes has been identified as one of the major causes of lower back problems around the world! To make the process of carrying and delivering boxed goods simpler and more efficient for buyers, designer David Warwick Graham has come up with an innovative cardboard boxing strolley called the Move-it.


Designed to fit around packaging boxes, the Move-it strolley basically consists of easy-to-assemble kit with self-adhesive cardboard parts that can be fitted onto any box to turn it into an easy-to-drag strolley that can be tugged along like a regular luggage strolley. With a set of stick-on-wheels and two types of handles, the Move-it system was built around the users’ needs and comes geared to cope with rain, pavements, and even cobblestone roads with ease. The Move-it can be easily used with boxed goods weighing up to 20 kg and allows users the freedom to deliver the goods themselves without having to struggle with carrying the box out to a car or a taxi and then into the house, or having to pay the store to have the box delivered at home.

The Move-it kit is created entirely from recycled cardboard, including the wheels. Designed to disperse harmlessly in water, the wheel, handle, axle and chassis, and every other component of the Move-it can be harmlessly and effortlessly recycled and made into new cardboard products. Even the special repulpable contact adhesive used in the kit is soluble in water which allows the glued on bits to be effortlessly recycled as well. The Move-it is created to cope with rain and wet pavements and designed for a typical trip across the city via public transport. The lightweight, easy-to-use trolley can be assembled by workers at the store in under a minute which makes the system efficient for both store owners as well as buyers.

Source: James Dyson Award

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