Mountain-top viewing platform brings nature closer

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Snow-laden mystique mountains spontaneously catches the eye, but only daring mountaineers or professional skiers get the chance to view and appreciate the awe-inspiring as well as scintillating design of mother nature from close quarters. However, Innsbruck-based architects have different ideas in taming the wildest furies, mountain and glacier, of nature by constructing a mountain-top viewing platform, Top of Tyrol, in Austria. The platform is fabricated with a grillage of beams, covered by gratings, while Corten-Steel is used to build curved railing.

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Design Status:

Top of Tyrol, is a complete viewing platform, which is located 3200m above sea level at the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol, Austria.


The Top of Tyrol will not only allow a steady platform for professional mountaineers, but also help differently-abled people to view and seize the beautiful snowy mountains.
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Via: Dezeen



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