Motz Tiny Wooden Pet Speaker is way too cute

motz tiny wooden pet speaker 07

Are you an animal lover? If yes, then what you are going to read ahead will force you to say, “Aww! So cute.” Motz Tiny Wooden Pet Speaker has been carved in the shape of a cute little puppy. Every time you switch it on, the tiny yet powerful speaker will produce rich sounds with utmost clarity.

These portable external speakers are handcrafted from natural cut apricots as against plastic looking speakers available in the market. They come with a USB connector which is used for charging a Li-Polymer Battery. The embedded rechargeable battery pumps a power of 3.7V. Made n Korea, the speaker has a playtime of 5 hours. Motz petite speakers measure 67 x 52 x 13 (mm) and just weigh 15g. Whenever you feel like listening to the music of your choice simply connect it with your iPod or MP3 player.

The 100% handcrafted handy product’s shape will make you fall in love with its cuteness instantly. Motz Tiny Wooden Pet Speaker vows to entertain you without consuming much space. Its lightweight feature will endow you with a flexibility to carry it anywhere. All you pet lovers, this Tiny Pet Speaker will further stamp your love for animals so, grab one and sink into its sweetness.

motz tiny wooden pet speake

motz tiny wooden pet speake

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