MOTOACTV fitness tracker doubles as a sweat proof MP3 player

The concept:

MotoACTV has designed an activity tracking watch especially for golfers, which has been christened MotoACTV Golf Edition. The tasteful watch by Motorola will be released on April 1 and will come stashed with a price tag of $299.99. The smartly designed watch will keep a track of all the activities of a golfer as well as precise location on a good 20,000 golf courses. It will also comprise of distance readings all complete with readings of the front, back and center of the golf course as well. The sweat proof creation comes packed with a smart MP3 player, which will let you enjoy the game as you listen to your favorite tracks.

MOTOACTV Golf Edition

The inspiration:

The biggest inspiration behind the design of the watch was of course golf enthusiasts. Motorola joined hands with Bubba Watson to come up with the stunning Motorola MOTOACTV Golf Edition, which will help golf lovers improve their game. The best part being, this watch will act as a virtual caddy as well as an online clubhouse, thanks to its avant-garde GPS tracker that makes it all the more tempting.

The design:

The amazingly designed golf edition watch by Motorola is bound to draw attention with so many helpful features, like an embedded GPS. Keeping a close check on scores, clubs and statistics is the very useful caddy function. The presence of a calories tracker, distance meter and pedometer will make exercising coated with fun. View the golf course from the computer, which has been made possible because of a satellite view. The watch can be easily synced with the computer to transfer all data.

The fabulous:

MOTOACTV Golf Edition watch will help keep a check on scores and stats, which will in turn help a player, narrow down on right decisions when on the golf course. One can easily synch their record, which help compare the performance in the near future. Just like other products by the brand, even the golf edition comes complete with fitness tracking features that will help in its own way.

The target:

The design is directly targeted at golf loving people. It will let enthusiasts keep a keen eye on all the games that too over 20,000 courses all around the world. It will also let them keep a record of their scores and weigh them against those of professionals.

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VEA Sportive

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Forerunner 305

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