Motion Simulation TL1 comes with a 180 degree simulation experience and a killer price tag

Even though curved screens are not something new for the racing simulator genre, there hasn’t been one that features a 180 degree view. That is until the Motion Simulation TL1 came into being. The spherical, 180-degree racing simulator is the first commercially available deign of its kind and was developed by a UK based company called Motion Simulation in collaboration with the Ariel Motor Company.

Motion Simulation TL1

Founded in ’08, the company focused their attention on filling the gap between the quality of experience between hardware and software which was missing from the products available in the market at the moment. The quality of the current lot of driving environments and visuals are just not matched to the cutting edge standards of the software and mechanisms like the pedals, steering wheel, cockpits and screen.

To offer customers the most realistic racing simulation experience ever, the TL1comes fitted with a variable position seat and a spherical projector screen laid out over a 180-degree space which brings the visuals close as possible to the real thing and offers the most realistic experience available. The simulation experience thus created offers an unrivalled and immersive environment with the ultimate in virtual reality sensations being provided by laser-scanned racing circuits precise to within 2mm.

Apart from Avant-garde simulation software, the Motion Simulation TL1 also features a unique seating system that offers more reclined positions like those in formula racing cars as well as Touring and GT car-inspired rotatable, upright positions. The TL1 is targeted at a broad range of users including gaming enthusiasts, entertainment companies as well as professional race drivers as long as they have between £11,500 (approx. $18,650) and £33,950 (approximately $55,000) to spare.

Via: Diseno Art

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