Most unusual and interesting tea kettle designs

Great tea starts with hot water and a tea kettle does the same for you. But haven’t you ever wanted to replace your run-of-the-mill tea kettle with one that’s really unique and innovative? In an attempt to hype up the mundane chore of making and serving tea, designers have come up with interesting designs that are truly a way up in tea kettles. Here we have some of the most unusual and interesting tea kettle designs that are beautifully designed to make great tea every time.

Dusi Tea Kettle

Hailed as Dusi, the hot appliance is a stylish combination of a tea kettle and a teapot. Preparing a cup of tea is possibly the easiest task in the kitchen, but the Dusi Tea Kettle makes it even simpler and adds a fun element to it.

Peugeot-inspired electric kettle

By capturing the outline of the Peugeot’s floating, elegant and simple shape in two main curves, the design gets a unique silhouette of its own even though it works just like a regular kettle.

Diamantine wall-mounted kettle

Diamantine is a luxurious wall-mounting kettle concept that promises to help you save up those precious countertop square inches for better uses like changing the baby’s dirty nappies or even ironing your work clothes.

Boiling Point electric kettle

The Boiling Point kettle uses 30% less power, has more flavor in each cup of tea due to no re-boiling of the water which would reduce oxygen levels, and is much smaller than other kettles.

Hot Streak kettle

Dazzling in design and vibrant in color, the Hot Streak Kettle is in the form of a honeycomb structure that improves the surface area of the heating element.

Tea Orbs kettle

Introducing the traditional method of boiling the water, the Tea Orbs features two bonding balls, one working as a mini induction cooker to heat the other ball that is filled with water.

Lazy teapot

The Lazy Teapot comes with a special dock that allows you to pour liquids without having to lift the pot.

Turtle Tea Kettle

Inspired by the shape of a turtle, the Turtle Tea kettle is made of ceramic. It comes with a detachable glass container that allows you to brew the loose leaves separately, so that there are no leftovers to spoil your tea.

Creativi*tea tea kettle

The Creativi*tea by Sarina Fiero is an innovative tea kettle that changes its color, from a darker shade of red to an increasingly more luminescent red, with the change in temperature, courtesy of the thermochromic technology.

Vessel Ideation’s “one” tea kettle

The “one” tea kettle by Vessel Ideation, Inc. has some invisible graphics that appear once you start heating it over the stove. The “one” tea kettle is a single vessel designed with both boiling and serving in mind.

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