MOshi Motion Translator will help you avoid social faux pas

Remember that hugely popular viral video about this spoof gadget called the Manslator or a Woman Translator which claimed to be able to translate the body language of women? That gizmo, though non-existent, aimed at trying to help men understand women better by analyzing their body language and words. However, designer Noumbissi Constantin probably believed that the world really could benefit from a product like that, which is why he came up with the mOshi Motion Detector. Apparently a less-spoofy version of the Manslator, the mOshi concept seeks to allow people to read the body language of others. Since missing out on non-verbal cues can cause misunderstandings or social embarrassment, the idea behind such a product does have a lot of merit.


For people with psychological or physical disabilities that deter them from accurately analyzing the body language of other people, mOshi can indeed be a god sent. The product is designed much like a speed gun and can be pointed at any individual to provide an analysis of their mood. The mOshi will provide the information to the user via keywords, videos, signs, and sounds, and allow them to know for sure what the person they are analyzing is trying to communicate via non-verbal cues and gestures. The mOshi Motion Translator can also be a real boon for people on dates, and people who have to make stressful social interactions like meeting their future in-laws or their superiors at work, and professionals looking to judge potential business partners, as well as law enforcement officers who can identify potential threats using such a device.

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