Morf: A three in one revolutionary dish for 2050

Morf Appliance Concept

Urban world is getting crowded with each passing day. Household spaces are getting smaller as more and more people are heading towards cities in search of a better lifestyle. This poses a lot of trouble in terms of stuffing a house with furniture items, kitchen equipment and other accessories. People are opting for multi-functional products that save precious space. Maria Fernanda Ocampo has designed Morf, which is a nanotechnology based dish.

The revolutionary dish can change forms and sizes at a single touch. Morf is three dishes clubbed in one and will be a perfect fit for future homes. The same dish can act as a soup bowl, a large plate and a small/quarter plate. The touch-sensitive dish can be unlocked by sliding the finger to the left. Three options, namely soup, small expanded and big expanded, will magically appear on it. The illuminated options are placed on the top of the dish and users can choose as per their needs.

Morf won’t consume a lot of energy to alter its dimensions. Different plate sizes and shapes are a result of three different heat levels. The unique dish is crafted from a high strength material, which is long-lasting and sturdy. The space-saving design has been injected with water saving properties as well. It will ingeniously cut the use of water (during washing) by 90%. Wow! Simply, set it in automatic wash mode and see Morf getting back to its original shape. Morf, an award winning product, will prove to be a blessing in times when water and space crunch will be at its peak.

[Cheers Maria]

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