Moonflex Music Flexible Pillow with built-in speakers

moonflex music flexible pillow1

Get prepared to pamper yourself with an innovative pillow that not only comforts your neck, but also gives you your share of music. The Moonflex Music Flexible Pillow comes with built-in speakers that can be connected to MP3 players, CD players, iPhones, iPods and radios, giving you the freedom to listen to soothing music, while enjoying the comfort of the most amazing pillow. This flexible neck & head support can be bent into any shape or position making it ideal for relaxing, travelling, work or sleep. Fold it to comfort you aching shoulders or take its help to elevate your lappy while working. One stunning product with variety of uses….Isn’t it?

moonflex music flexible pillow2

moonflex music flexible pillow3

Via: Boysstuff

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