Moon Sun Lounger tans your body in proportional way

moon sun lounger 05

Sunbath may tone your body, but direct exposure to the sun often results in ugly sunburns unless you apply those expensive sunscreen lotions on your body. However, Turkish designer Sait Alanyali has designed an innovative lounger named “Moon Sun Lounger” that lets you enjoy sunbath without harming your skin. Featuring the Moon texture on its surface, the lounger is half-filled with water to reflect the sunbeams in a proportional manner, tanning both front and back simultaneously without turning your body. As the sun heats up, water vaporizes to cool the air around the body.

Finished in transparent, anti-sweat material, the polycarbonate composite, the lounge is manufactured by thermoforming to soak the vapors without using towel from your body. The lounge includes different size holes on the surface that firmly places all kind of beverage glasses without the need of a side table. While a slight nudge turns it into a rocking lounge. Measuring 186cm (6.1 feet) in diameter, the lounge can place anyone with ease. With Moon Sun Lounger, now no matter what’s the angle of the sun beams, it always reflects the beams to your body in an equal proportion.

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Via: Sait Alanyali Design

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