Money Identifier for the Bind scans bills and displays the amount in Braille system

Money Identifier

Visually impaired people always have a problem in identifying the amount of bill they get. This can lead to a lot of loss in case the other person cheats them while telling the exact value of the bill. But, not anymore! Jacob Rynkiewicz has designed the Money Identifier for the Blind that will prove to be a boon for this section of the society.

The helpful device will flawlessly fit into the life of the blind, and will keep worries about giving the wrong bill at bay. Braille system is the most common and widely used system used to read and write by the blind. The designer has made good use of it and crafted an ingenious device. It is almost the size of a checkbook and can easily fit into the checkbook pocket of a large wallet. It has been crafted from injection molded plastic and comes wrapped in aluminum. It has been wedged with a scanner that can read the amount of the bill.

Money Identifier for the blind is put to good use during or immediately after a cash transaction. The user slides the bills into the scanning slot, and the amount is exhibited in the form of a Braille display, which can be easily read by the visually impaired. The device comes with three volume settings: silent, quiet and loud that work with the Braille Display. When the device has been switched to quiet mode, the users can tactfully bring the speaker close to the ear. The product uses the best of technology available that is effortless to use and can be carried along all the time. Normally, the blind keep different value bills separated from each other and keep them at different places for easy identification. But, in case they mix up this setup it may lead to a lot of confusion.

Money Identifier works in an effortless way by simply sliding the currency under the metal flap. The wallet sized gadget can be charged through an AC adapter plug. When new dollar bills are release, the device can be easily upgraded with the help of a USB port. Wow! Money Identifier for the Blind is a step ahead for the visually impaired to feel all the more independent.

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