Modular house that answers the needs of a business traveler


Designed especially to answer to the needs of a business traveler, the Triscele House concept aims to make the person feel more “at home” in a temporary accommodation. This secondary dwelling can be easily transported from one place to another, thanks to its modular design. The Triscele housing is based on ancient forms and the design splits into three easy parts for easy transportation, but Katie Wall has somehow failed to suggest through pictures how her concepts would work. Anyway, the roof and the base of the house are fitted separately and the basic amenities, such as water, gas and electricity, are provided through the base and photovoltaic cells on the roof. The interior of the Triscele is an open living space, with a sectional room and flexible internal walls to divide the three areas. The idea behind the project is praiseworthy, but for me, the photo renderings fail to explain anything.

triscele house 4triscele house 2triscele house 3triscele house 5

Thanks, Katie Wall

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