Modern day ‘Relativity’ model: Star Wars in triple gravity

Printed first in 1953, ‘Relativity’ is a lithograph that was uniquely produced by M.C.Escher, a Dutch artist. Its specialty is that it depicts a world without the laws of gravity. Thus there are 16 characters in the depiction which has not one but three different sources of gravity. And today, mimicking that genius of a depiction is a LEGO model which has been built by Paul Vermeesch. The only difference however is that instead of bulb-headed characters and an ancient setting, there are characters and environs from Star Wars trilogy .

Star Wars

The artist must be congratulated for his rigorous adherence to the original proportions and geometry. The work is as true as can be but is colorful instead of a monochrome. The diorama has been built with a great number of scenes and details. Looking closely one sees a storm-trooper pacing the deserts, lost in search of two droids. One also finds Obi Wan Kenobi walking away fast after disabling a tractor beam. The Endor scene has been built with great details, complete with Ewoks and foliage. Another place which was a balcony in the original work has been made into a wind vane at cloud city where Luke Skywalker gets to know about his parentage.

Star Wars

The details only get deeper and better. At the center of the diorama is the throne room of Emperor Palpatine. This helps understand the symbolism of the central evil around which the galactic wars are being fought. The Hoth scene is impressive, complete with Tuantaun too! And the best part is that a small chamber on the outside of this 3D creation serves as a ‘projection room’ where Ian and Max, two more LEGO characters, watch a LEGO version of Star Wars. This short 10 minutes clip has been looped via an iPod.

Via: OhGizmo

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