Modern bathroom design ideas for contemporary homes

A comfortable and appealing bathroom makes an ideal place in your home where you can refresh yourself as well as relax for some time. Reconstructing a bathroom is quite a difficult task and requires you to consider many components, particularly the sink. While remodeling a bathroom, it is very essential to choose a sink that is compatible with the cabinet and counter, besides being trendy and modish in looks. Here is a collection of ten modern bathroom design ideas for contemporary homes.

1. Aquatic Thermal Bathroom by designer Didem Hazinedar

Aquatic Thermal Bathroom by Didem Hazinedar

Taking inspiration from the Turkish bathroom culture, which emphasizes the fact that cleaning of the body should be accompanied with cleaning of the soul, Didem Hazinedar has designed a luxurious bathroom concept that is comfortable, spacious and offers different cleaning operations to give you a relaxing and purifying bath. Hence, you can easily stretch out your arms, sit or stand in the cubicle while the module turns around your body to give you a bath. Further, the water jets inside the sink and behind the sink provide you the pleasure of Hydro Therapy Massage while the adjustable shower can be used for either a steam bath or a sprinkling shower. To add to this, the Aquatic Thermal Bathroom is provided with three jets in the middle to control the flow of water and comes equipped with an air conditioner or dryer.

2. Greener Bathroom by Indian designer Dipesh Parmar

Greener Bathroom by Indian designer Dipesh Parmar

Greener Bathroom concept is a stylish yet environment friendly approach towards modeling a contemporary bathroom. Conceptualized by an IIT graduate Dipesh Parmar, the bathroom design incorporates the technique of rain water harvesting. A concealed spill over tank is constructed in the bathroom in which the water used in shower or bath tub gets accumulated. This water can be reused in flushing the toilets for a maximum of 14 times saving the wastage of water. Moreover, the attractive design of the bathroom appeases your visual desires as well.

3. Bathroom concept by Ron Arad

Bathroom concept by Ron Arad

An innovative piece of art with a multipurpose utility is what makes this bathroom concept a unique installation in your washroom. This attractive and space efficient spinning module can revolve by 180 degrees serving both as a bath tub in one go and a shower in another. Designed by Ron Arad along with Teuco, the Italian bathroom design brand, this design concept is still in its prototype stage though Teuco’s production team is working on converting it into a reality soon.

4. Bathroom Design by Karim Rashid

Bathroom Design by Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid has opened up the possibilities to give your bathroom interiors a spiky and revolutionary look with his bathroom furniture design range called Kawa. The application of interesting color combinations and fascinating shapes makes these bathrooms a great choice for designer washrooms that are classy and vibrant.

5. Modern Nature Bathroom concept by Marc Arcoe

Modern Nature Bathroom concept by Marc Arcoe

The Modern Nature Bathroom concept designed by Marc Arcoe blends the beauty and tranquility of nature inside your bathroom in the form of a sprouting sink, grass wall and rainfall shower. This makes the ambiance in your bathroom quite lively and pleasing. The sprouting sink comprises of a glass plate that provides you with a glimpse of green moss growing beneath it, every time you use the sink. Grass wall features the modular panels of hydroponic natural grass that enhances the beauty of the bathroom while protecting the walls from moisture. You need to keep the moss moist and continue adding the special nutritive mix to grass regularly for its proper growth. Moreover, amidst the greenery of the bathroom is the Rainfall Shower, which sprinkles water on you giving the feel of a rain with the comfort of adjusting the temperature and pressure of the water.

6. Hi-tech bathroom from Ideal Standard

Hi-tech bathroom from Ideal Standard

A hi-tech digital bathroom is the ultimate choice for a technology lover, which also reflects your interests and personality to the core. Adding to the host of exclusive bathroom furniture provided by Ideal Standard, the Hi-tech Bathroom concept is the latest novelty designed by it. This incredibly futuristic approach to the bathroom interiors includes the presence of all such necessities in your bathroom that soothe your body and mind while giving an ultra-modern touch to the bathroom.

7. Bathroom concept by Zahir Khan

Bathroom concept by Zahir Khan

Designer Zahir Khan has come up with an uncomplicated and minimalistic approach for designing your bathroom. This concept is marked by the presence of a shower unit in the center of the bathroom with the toilet finding place right next to the entrance and a bath tub as well though the omission of wash basin and storage cabinet is quite conspicuous. The bathroom furniture and decor provide a very clean and basic look unlike the other intricate bathroom designs offered these days.

8. ‘Clock’ bathroom concept by Ana Marta

“Clock!” bathroom concept by Ana Marta

The “Clock!” bathroom concept designed by Ana Marta is characterized by its compact size, utility and ability to be operated by a remote control. This bathroom set comprises of a shower, a bathing seat, wash basin with inbuilt hand dryer, toilet paper dispenser, a mirror, storage support and a vacuum cleaner. To add to this, “Clock!” also allows you to enjoy a few stretching exercises using its modules designed accordingly. Further, all the modules of this bathroom set can be controlled by a remote system. If this is not enough, the colorful metallic body of “Clock!” satisfies your aesthetic sense as well.

9. Ultra Modern Ebb Bathroom

Ultra Modern Ebb Bathroom

The Ultra-Modern Ebb Bathroom concept brings a dash of style and sophistication to your bathroom. The sleek and voguish patterns of the bathroom components combined with the elegant white color make this concept ideal try-out for your bathroom. Moreover, the Ebb Bathroom concept is designed such that it fits into almost any space, making it efficient to be integrated in a bathroom of any dimensions.

10. User-Friendly Bathroom Concept by Simon R. Pestridge

User-Friendly Bathroom Concept by Simon R. Pestridge

A congested shower area often leaves you struggling while cleaning your feet and legs comfortably. Well, here is a contemporary solution to your problem. Designed by Simon R. Pestridge, it comes with an external seating arrangement attached to the main shower cubicle. So, you have the luxury to occupy this external space equipped with an external shower head to clean your feet easily. Moreover, women can utilize this addition for comfortable grooming during pedicure or while shaving their legs. The presence of a glass division around this seat prevents water from spilling around the washroom when the external shower is used. The towel rack above this seat further adds to the utility of this bathroom concept.

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