Modern auto tech to keep you safe on the road

Safety sometimes is an overlooked aspect of our existence. Rash and irresponsible driving kill thousands of people everyday all over the world. The ill fated people who die or get wounded because of road accidents would have been safe if proper safety measures were taken on time. Realizing this fact, auto companies are working on built in devices in cars that could avert accidents. This will not only reduce the number of accidents but will also make driving and traveling safe. Given below is a list of 10 such modern technologies incorporated for safe driving. Have a look.

Toyota’s steering technology

Toyota is fostering a steering technology that will help avert disaster on roads. According to them, the steering will turn itself if the vehicle is not able to stop before the impact. Toyota has installed cameras and a highly sensitive radar millimeter wave to ascertain possible crashes like a pedestrian crossing the road. The sensors help the car make calculations for breaking and turning when in such a situation. Toyota is aiming for zero fatalities and injuries however, how they are going to circuit around the problem when two cars are in front of each other is something that will test their skill.

Autoglass envisions the windshield of 2020

Autoglass has decided to give a makeover to our modest car windshield by making it more driver-friendly. Your windshield now won’t remain a plain glass but a storehouse of information. The glass will display all the necessary information that the driver requires like application for navigating through the roads, music, speed and fuel. It also warns of pedestrians and points you to the correct destinations.

GM’s new technology to prevent car crashes

“General Motors” has revealed a new technology for communication between vehicles. ITS or Intelligent Transportation System as they call it, uses a wireless technology called DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) which can run on portable devices and can be used as a smartphone application to transfer data between other devices. The application will give a warning to the driver about stalled vehicle, cyclists, slippery roads and stop signs etc. According to GM, this can help in reducing crashes by 81 percent. The system works through two mobile devices including a GPS unit and a smartphone application that could be synchronized with the vehicle’s display unit. The data can also be transferred between vehicles for easy communication.

BMW’s driver assistance technology

Drivers are mostly at fault while taking a left turn when they cut across oncoming traffic. It’s the drivers prerogative to make the right choice and it’s not always sunshine. So in lieu of this, BMW has come up with a design to assist the driver to make the right choice. The “left hand drive assistant” encompasses three laser scanners, video camera and GPS to assist the driver taking the left turn. In case of a mistake by a driver, the system applies the brakes and alarms the driver by a warning sound.

Mercedes automated driving technology

Mercedes-Benz is always good in making innovations and they have done the same once again. The car they are working on is being developed for competitions like DARPA challenge but it won’t be a surprise if they develop a road car on these lines in the near future. By using autopilot, maneuvering can be done efficiently and it can also be used where human driving is not safe. The roads will be much safer as the cars will adhere to the rules and regulations unlike some of us who formulate their own rules.

Ford’s seat with heart-rate monitor

Ford has developed a car seat that can record and monitor the driver’s heart rate with the help of electrode sensing, a technology that uses six different embedded sensors to trace electrical impulses propagated by the heart. The seat has been developed by researchers from RWTH Aachen University. The data can be forwarded to remote medical services or Ford vehicle safety systems, and can provide real time healthcare. The sensors are placed on the seat backrest. Even at the initial stages, the Ford seat has given accurate information for over 98 percent of the time spent behind the wheel.

Mobileye’s Driver Assistance Technology

Mobileye has developed a technology that assists drivers and makes roads safer. The system encompasses a smart camera, long algorithms and a microprocessor that communicate with each other to give the driver every information about unintentional lane departures, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and imminent collisions. The system reads speed signs, controls high beams and alerts driver of rear end collision. The new series, called Mobileye-5 has Bluetooth capabilities and will work with your smartphone to provide visual alarms for dangerous situations. Mobileye certainly has an eye for safety on roads.

Nissan New Driving Assistance Technology

The Japanese automaker is known for their superior cars and now they have come forward with a system to make the roads much safer to drive on. Moving Object Destination (MOD), their driving assistance technology alerts the driver of moving objects close to the car. The Around View monitor system has a user friendly display to enable the driver to safely veer the car in the parking space. The MOD uses the display and a buzzer to notify the driver of moving objects in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Subaru Models Get Advanced Safety Technology

Subaru 2013 models will get advanced safety features that will make driving hassle free. Terming it as Eyesight, the system includes cruise control, sensors for lane departures, obstacle avoidance and pedestrian directions. The cruise control can automatically increase or decrease the speed to sync with the car in front.

Audi’s driver assistance system

Audi is the leading innovator in technology. The German automaker is coming up with new systems to make their cars safer. Traffic jam assistance gives you updates about traffic jams in your route, if any, and there is an automatic emergency braking system. The car syncs with the car in front to maintain proper speed to avoid collision. Audi’s lighting system is also very efficient that makes it perfect for safer traveling at night.

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