Modern architectures that purify water for a greener tomorrow

Research shows that more than a billion people across the globe do not have access to clean and safe water that causes millions of deaths due to waterborne diseases. The increase in water pollution levels is also leading to numerous problems and diseases. However, to deal with this serious problem some modern architectural designs have been developed that purify water and guide the world towards a better and greener future. Compiled here is a list of 10 such modern architectures.

Water Purification Skyscraper

With the intention of purifying water of Ciliwung river of Jakarta, designers Rezza Rahdian, Edwin Setiawan, Aayu Diah Shanti and Leonardus Chrisnantyo have designed and developed a skyscraper that purifies river water while running on renewable energy. The skyscraper helps to purify water in 3 stages. The garbage is first removed from water while it runs through pipes in the building, then minerals are added to remove all contamination or impurities and finally the household waste is recycled into clean water so that the clean water can be added back to the river. All this is done with the help of solar and wind energy derived through wind generators and large solar reactor set in the building.

Footbridge To Purify Water

This bridge in Amsterdam includes a number of features that make it special. It has a coffee shop that is created in such a manner that it gives a feeling of being underwater. The bridge allows visitors to take sunbath, relax and enjoy just like on the beach. But these are not the features why this bridge has been included in this list. The most intriguing feature of this bridge and the basic reason for its creation and existence is its capability of purifying water. Margot Krasojevic created this bridge that helps to purify water and at the same time creates water flow current that keeps the canals clean. The bridge acts like a conventional pump, which pushes dirty water out through steel pipes to the other side of Amsterdam where dirt can be collected and removed by some cleaning boats.

Concept Skyscraper To Clean Up A Local River In Chile

Designed by a groups of architectural students of Universidad de Chile, this skyscraper would help purify water of the Mapocho river that flows through Santiago. The honeycomb like structure includes microscopic filaments that help to purify water when it flows through the lower levels of the structure. The structure has been designed in a way that the vegetation can be grown and the area resembles a lagoon. The building consists of individual cells that can be used for residential and commercial purposes.

Solar Enclosure For Water Reuse

Designers of Center for Architecture, Science and Ecology have designed a model structure that utilizes solar power to purify gray water and at the same time conserves energy. The structure has a glass front that gives it an impressive look. The architectural design helps to clean and purify the gray water that is derived from sources like bathroom, washing machine and other household works and areas. There are three different stages of purifying water after which the clean water is redirected for household consumption. The structure has also been designed to capture solar energy thus, helping in conserving energy.

Water Building Resort

Architect Orlando de Urrutia has designed this Water Building Resort that is inspired from the shape of a falling water droplet. This structure is a shinning example of the combination of nature and technology. The structure has been designed so that it can convert water into air with the help of solar energy. Not only water, the building also generates electricity from air through the help of solar power. The resort boasts of a water treatment facility to control the quality of water apart from purifying rainwater and salty water.

Bubble Shaped Skyscraper

This skyscraper looks like a structure created by placing soapy bubbles atop one another and is capable of doing much more than just catching your attention for its unique design. This building created by the Design Crew for Architecture includes water filtering mangroves contained in each of the bubbles. The design includes a fresh water factory that would convert salty water into drinking water. The design proposes to use tidal powered pump to bring brackish water into the tower which then is purified by the mangrove plants that have natural ability of purifying water. The tower has the capability of producing 30,000 liters of freshwater per day with the help of one hectare of mangroves.

Self-Sufficient Floating House

Formodesign of Poland have designed this floating house named “House on the water” that is self sufficient in terms of energy and water. The building derives its water source from the sea surrounding the structure and gets its energy from solar power. The eco friendly building boasts of various features like use of solar energy, water desalination, water recycling, tidal energy systems and natural ventilation. The floating home comes with all kinds of luxuries and also includes the use of high-end technology.

+ Pool Floating Swimming Pool

+ Pool is an initiative of a team of designers and architects who have come together to make the rivers of New York City habitable once again. It involves the construction of floating pools in the rivers of New York City with the walls having special filters that would filter and clean the pool water. These pools would improve and exploit the natural resources of the city along with offering multipurpose swimming facilities.

Steven Holl’s Whitney Water Purification Plant

Steven Holl’s Whitney Water Treatment Plant is a 30,000 square feet structure located at New Haven, CT. The stainless steel building with the largest green roof in the state of Connecticut consists of laboratories, lecture hall, exhibition area and conference spaces apart from having the large area dedicated for the operation activities for treating water. The building has many impressive features such as domed skylights in the roof for allowing sunlight to nourish plants, steel shingles that absorb and reflect heat, etc.

Floating Island Uses Human Power To Purify Water

This floating island was created by Jakub Szczesny of Centrala for an art festival in Poland. This floating island uses human power to purify water. The island has a number of exercising machines that when used draw polluted water from the Vistula river to a filtering machine. The machine situated in the middle of the island purifies the polluted water and makes it completely safe for drinking.

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