Mockup of Transformers robot imitates action sequences from the fast paced sci-fi adventure

Robotics and futuristic adventures totally rock! Everyone who likes robots and related theories about how these machines will change the future of human kind must have definitely watched Transformers. Think young kiddies and teenyboppers are really fond of the mechanized bots from the movie who can walk and talk just like us. Imagine how bewitched they will be when they spot a Transformers like robot in actuality.

Michael Bay's Transformer

It looks like fans are taking their love for this movie and bots in it to a new level. That certainly holds true for this avid fan from Japan. The cool techno freak actually made a real life replica of a robot from the flick. And just hold your breath to hear out the best part. This is not a standstill mock up, the robot can actually move!

Moreover, its actions are not boring and limited to just nodding the head or rolling the eyes. This robot will give you a slice of an action sequence just like scenes from the fast paced sci-fi flick it is based on. Think young kiddies and die hard fans can literally hear their heart beating fast by now. Don’t you agree? Wondering what can this amazing mock up can do? You don’t have to spend a lot of time speculating as you can watch the Cybertron native live in action.

Don’t believe us do you. Just watch the video below. The mechanized and metallic machine drafted by the enthusiastic Japanese fan can do a jig and even fling out punches. After all, it needs to protect the precious Allspark from the devious Decepticons. If you think it looks kind of dated, then don’t fret too much. This one is just version eight. Yeah! You got it right. That means that version nine is on its way. Happy watching and waiting!

Via: Autoblog

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