MOBY vehicle alters body volume to fit different environments

moby 1
Based on the idea of reducing the body volume with enough size of storage and let the vehicle get in small alleys, the “MOBY” by WooJin Chung is electricity powered vehicle concept that gets even smaller by separating it into two parts, front and back. The concept vehicle displaces its back part with a docking system, which can be altered by different types of optional parts like a high capacity battery or another passenger seat. It occupies less space in a parking lot for its half size width compared to ordinary four wheelers. The driving style of the MOBY is more like a motorcycle but with a good possibility of functional extension.

Featuring a natural aerodynamic form, the vehicle has no doors, but comes with big circular entrances that allows more convenient and flexible use of the seating area. The suspension system, lamp design and other elements are borrowed more or less from existing but a bit old-fashioned ones for the fresher outfit away from Star Wars vehicles, while the gigantic white whale, Moby Dick, inspires the name of the vehicle.

moby 2
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