Mobility for the Elderly: A comfortable mobility device with intuitive controls

The older generation suffers from restricted limb movement, which makes them confined to wheelchairs many a times. This snatches away their independence and maintaining mobility also becomes a major concern for them. Such a dependency can irritate elderly and can act as a hindrance in their everyday life. Jamie Zollo has come up with the Mobility for the Elderly, which will shower all the independence old people require.


Mobility for the Elderly is a personal mobility device that has been specially designed for the older generation. The concept looks like a wheelchair, but will prove to be very beneficial amongst the aging population. The useful mobility device can easily balance and take care of cross falls by making good use of gyroscopic stabilization. It will provide all the safety in terms of gyroscopic balancing and will also unfurl a lot of useful options like curb mounting and dismounting capabilities.

The personal mobility device has joy stick controls that are quite intuitive and are effortless to use. The seat has been crafted in an ergonomic manner and comes coated with a lot of comfort. The awesome device is quite agile and can be rotated at an angle of 360 degree that too when placed at a particular spot. This spot rotation feature will make the device all the more easy and interesting. ‘Meta’ wheel rotation can further mount the curb, hence giving added freedom while using the mobility device. The placement of wheels is quite interesting and they are totally geared up for torque.

The device can lower its center of gravity automatically as well as can retract the footrest in dismount/mount mode, which let a user get in and out of the Mobility for the Elderly without much struggle. Apart from this, it also extends a great eye level communication, which will definitely be a blessing for people with restricted movement.

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