Mobile phone with turntable dial concept

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Dialing a telephone during my childhood days was an awesome thing, at least to me and my friends. I still remember the young me just dialing the wrong persons not to enjoy the conversations, but to enjoy dragging my index finger from left bottom to right bottom on the telephone at least six times. It was a real fun. As the days passed, technology advanced and the turntable telephones were replaced by keypad telephones. I guess there wouldn’t be any person who likes keypad telephone to turntable telephone.

Keeping in view the tastes of a majority people, a guy named Mukund K P from India came out with a splendid conventional telephone design for mobile phones. Just like how we see the touch and flip keyboard on a single mobile phone, this design will have a turntable keypad below the screen and a keyboard underneath it. One can dial a number with the help of that conventional dialing or with the keypad that can be found by sliding the phone. The designer says, this turntable telephone inspired mobile phone can also be charged with the help of the turntable dial. Each time a person dials with the traditional dial, it charges the battery of the phone. This is a good concept and I hope to see this design in the market soon.

Source: Behance

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