Mobile Phone that brings ‘Clarity’ of use to the visually impaired

When it comes to creating smart gadgets, the visually impaired section of the society is almost always ignored. Blind don’t really feel comfortable using phones designed for people with normal sight and have to struggle real hard to get the hang of such products. Mark DiLella has come up with a phone design, christened Clarity, which will cater to all the calling and messaging needs of this part of the society.

Clarity mobile phone

At first glimpse, it looks like any other phone but a closer look will unfurl the special features it comes wrapped in. Clarity Mobile Phone is easy to use and features a Braille interface. This interface will put on show a good 100 characters, which can be felt by the user just like they do when reading using Braille system. The visually impaired will form an instant connection with these raised dots. The keyboard design has six keys, which is exactly similar to the Perkins Braille. Applications, contacts and settings can be easily accessed because of the presence of two user definable keys present on the keyboard.

The presence of second display makes sure that messages, missed calls and voice mails are displayed in a clear manner. There is also an option to convert text to speech, which will be well supported by the two speakers present at the bottom of the design. The menu of Clarity can be easily customized by the user for more rapid access, helping the visually impaired enjoy the experience of owning a mobile phone to the fullest.

[Cheers Mark]

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