Mobile DJ Flightcase to carry and support DJ equipments in an aesthetic manner

Mobile DJ Flightcase

Here is a great news for all DJs out there who are too possessive about their DJ equipment. Willem Van Vliet has designed the Mobile DJ Flightcase, which will not only store DJ equipment but also give it support when in use. The ingeniously crafted case will solve dual purpose and keep the equipment protected always.

The case has been made using scrap and measures 38x42x30 cm. The design has been brought to life using plywood and weighs just 15 kg. The weight makes it a great option to carry around. The Mobile DJ Flightcase can store a mixer and MIDI controller. Other devices like mobile phones or laptops can also be placed on it when the impressive case is fully stretched. The curvy outline has been put together using a lot of clamps and hinges, which ensure total strength while performing different tasks. The MIDI controller is nicely locked under a wooden lid, which is visible when the case is opened by the hinges.

The tilting mechanism has been given slots, which can be used to place additional lids. This unfurls additional working room that too at the same angle as the MIDI controller and mixer. These lids can hold extra gadgets and devices like a CD player or laptop. Connect the instruments using wires and you are ready to rock the party.

[Cheers Willem]

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