Mobile Desk lets you move freely around your workplace

mobile desk

Coming from the house of Opulent Items, the “Mobile Desk,” as indicated by its name, is a movable workstation that supports mobility in and around your workplace. Integrating a bicycle seat and a small tray for holding a laptop, allowing an ergonomic workplace, the Mobile Desk stands tall on three-wheeled legs that let you move around the place without leaving your seat and system. Cool! Finished in powder coated metal and vinyl saddle, the portable workstation measures 31.5″ x 20″ x 38″ (HWL) and is accessible for $500. Users can adjust the seat according to their height with little effort. Supporting teamwork, the Mobile Desk is available in a two-seat version (below) as well.

mobile desk 01

Via: 7Gadgets/Gizmodo/Ohgizmo

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