Mobikom: A multifunctional gadget formed by joining various elements


As a child, you must have played a game in which bits and pieces are to be placed together. This results in interesting shapes of different sizes and is a fun-filled activity. Bringing the same fun in the life of grown-ups is Kamil Izrailov in the form of Mobikom. The ingenious gadget is a conceptual cell phone and tablet computer clubbed in one.

This multifunctional device consists of various elements. These square-shaped elements can be fasten to each other with the help of micro-locks. Joining the blocks together will give birth to a phone or tablet, as per a user’s whims and fancies. The back of each element has special markings, which will make it easy for the user to assemble the device. The attention-grabbing concept has two elements: dynamic and microphone. So, either design a mini cell phone sized 22mm X 44mm X 6mm or a tablet with a maximum size of 1.5m X 2m. The tablet is capable of responding to wireless communications like Wi-Fi.

Mobikom’s key elements have programmed buttons while others have been devoid of them. Each element has its own power supply and computing processor. A user can feed individual parts with a SIM card and store all necessary details in the phone memory. There are apertures on the lateral surfaces in the middle of the fixing tapes, which can be used to craft new forms. Wow! A special adapter is required, which will fuel the touch screen with necessary kinetic and thermal energy for successful operation. The productivity and working of Mobikom increases when more elements are connected to the device. So, enjoy the benefits of a mini cell phone and a full sized tablet with Mobikom.

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