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A mixed mode ventilated and LEED certified building unfurls breathtaking views

Solomon Cordwell Buenz joined hands with Transsolar Climate Engineering (based in Germany) to give a new outlook to the Richard J. Klarchek Information Commons, Loyola University in the form of a digital research library which is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan. The building has been constructed in a way which will bring down energy consumption and rev up the comfort level as its form, materials, function, space as well as construction act in a way that creates this wonderful environment.

he Richard J. Klarchek Information Commons

The building is a four story box which is transparent in nature and has bookends made out of limestone. It vows to use 50 percent less energy as compared to a code complaint building. The building supports both mechanical as well as natural ventilation as the double skin glass curtain wall in the construction works together with shading devices, under floor air, radiant slabs and operable windows. All this depends on the climatic conditions and it is also possible that digital research library works as a hybrid, in which the natural ventilation will be supported by the radiant slab’s cooling tendency.

A range of sensors skillfully control the highly sophisticated systems that keep a check on the carbon dioxide level, temperature as well as humidity inside the building. On the other hand, outdoor conditions are tapped by the presence of a weather station. Data produced by all this is enough for the shades, blinds, windows and dampers to adjust automatically. A lot of materials used to make the inside of this building are recycled and have very little volatile organic compounds, which are harmful in nature. Special effort has been made to lessen heat gain by using some special material to coat glass, blinds and shades.

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